Real Chinese Taste !

Shanghai Garden is a Chinese restaurant that offers traditional dishes daily,
both in the restaurant and at your home or office.


Shanghai Garden Restaurant is a place where elegance blends with Chinese culture.

location-474x265 You will be surprised by the asian chefs dishes that makes you discover the originality of Chinese cuisine.

“The man whom was destined happiness does not need to rush to be happy.

Feeding with some rice, drinking water, support your head
on the bent arm means true state of contentment.”

What is Chinese cuisine?

Thousands years of tradition, a legacy that any Chinese chef has the duty to carry it forward and share all Asian cuisine distinct flavors. Chinese dishes are prepared in small pieces – ready to be picked and eaten. This happens because in China is not used the knife at the table, but sticks to eat.

The distinction from western cuisine is that the main ingredients of a Chinese food are carbohydrates, namely rice, man tou and nuddles.
Shanghai Garden Restaurant offers a menu of over 174 items and can provide the following services:

  • Restaurant
  • Delivery to your home and office
  • Catering for events

For your convenience we deliver food at the office, home and any other place you would like to enjoy the tastes of Chinese cuisine.


Shanghai Garden Restaurant offers a wide range of catering services for all types of events. We will satisfy the most exquisite tastes when it comes
to ingredients necessary for a successful meeting. We are flexible and we can adapt the menu according to your preferences.
On request, the menu may contain international cuisine.


We recommend this type of party for many occasions, especially for company events and public relations:

  • corporate parties: company anniversaries , opening new locations, product presentations
  • conferences and receptions: banquets, cocktails, gala dinners
  • private parties

We provide:

  • serving personnel
  • bar and restaurant settings
  • buffet setup
  • events logistic
  • decorations, floral arrangements
  • counseling and party planning